Your Time is Precious

It's not about the length of the course... It's about how much you learn.

The ideal SAP Consultant needs to understand the topic or subject matter

Being a consultant isn't just about knowing the configuration. This is why I include the why's, the purpose, the process flow, and more.

My goal is to help you learn

I am steering away from purely technical tutorials because I end up understanding less than 20% of the topic. This is why you can expect simpler explanations and even creative, realistic, non-technical associations.

I am going for a relaxed yet informative course

This is why you can expect a casual tone in my courses. Think of me as your peer rather than your instructor.

Mobile Friendly & Focused on Understanding

I design and craft my educational materials in a way that you can digest the information easily even on mobile. As such, SAP screenshots are given focus and emphasized with visual cues. 

Let's start learning together!

Take that next step towards SAP career and consultancy output improvement.


  • Why was Techlorean's SAP School created?

    I was once clueless and had a hard time learning back when I was an SAP Fresher. I hope to ease this difficulty for others in the same scenario. You can read more in the About section of

  • Will a certificate be issued upon completion of the course?

    Kindly send an email for certification requests and instructions for listing the credential on your LinkedIn profile. This is only available for students who have fully completed the course.

  • Do you provide SAP environment access?

    No. SAP Access and Environment will not be provided.

  • Other Questions / Concerns

    Please feel free to send an email to You can also contact me to verify course completion certificates. Privacy, Terms, and Disclaimer pages are accessible in the site footer as needed.